2 thoughts on “Better Signup Page: Ficly

  1. I think this is generally very well thought out, but there’s one thing with which I take exception: the sign-ups. Whereas I can quite easily see why having Google/Facebook sign-ups is a good thing, and OpenID is hugely underutilized, personally I think the only reason Yahoo! is in that list is due to the link with Flickr you mention afterwards.

    More generally, I personally prefer having separate user accounts on each website I use, so that if one account is compromised the others are still fine. If I use my Google log-in for everything, and it is accessed by a third party, my online security is totally down the pan across the board. However, because my actual strategy is to have a separate password for each website and then use 1Password to keep track of them automatically, the vulnerable point is 1Password, which isn’t available unless you have access to my machine (and also can’t be given away by phishing scams and the like).

    I understand the drive for global log-ins but not providing a separate log-in for those who don’t want to connect all the dots in this way seems shortsighted to me.

  2. I agree that they should also offer their own login, yes, well spotted. And OpenID is dying a death I think, even I find it hard to use. There is quite a high proprotion of people that does prefer to share logins though, particularly Facebook people.

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